Rajpat Adult Novel by Tilottama Majumder

Rajpat Adult Novel by Tilottama Majumder

Author - Tilottama Majumder
Book - Rajpat
Genre - Bengali Romantic Novel

Rajpat Adult Novel by Tilottama Majumder

Rajpat Adult Novel by Tilottama Majumder

The novel 'Raj Pat' is a great writing and another novel by Tilottama Majumder. There is no doubt that this novel will capture the love of the readers, citing the many ups and downs of the love story.

Some quotes from the book Rajpat:

Dulu Khyapa met a Vaishnavite named Moina in this book. After saying Jayaguru, he bowed with two hands forcefully in front of Vaishnav. Vaishnavi smiled and jingled the hand drum and said Joy Radhe, how are you Go Kshyapa?

Moina has reddened her lips after drinking, has a tilka of Ganga clay on her forehead and nose, a tulsi garland around her neck, similar garlands on her hands, wearing a half-dirty white saree, a small black bag slung over her shoulder. It contains begging rice. He is taking it along the road.

But the more Kshapa watches, the more he is attracted to her. Can't turn his eyes to anything. When he gets a chance, he stares blankly at him. One time Dulu Kshyapa saw her and said that you are looking very beautiful, Vaishnavi, you have become a great beauty. There have been many other incidents. A variety of events full of tension and excitement will make the readers crave.

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Product details:

Publisher - Penguin Books Ltd (1 January 2013)
Language - Bengali
Hardcover - 807 pages
ISBN-10 -8177567365
ISBN-13 - 978-8177567366
Item Weight-1 kg 320 g
Dimensions - 20 x 14 x 4 cm
Country of Origin - India
Books Price Rs - ₹995.00

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Bengali Romantic Novel: Rajpat

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